Our Services

Trendy Web Design

After seeing the websites we've built, you will wonder who built such website.


Logo Making

Our team are also logo experts and know how to make logo that embodies your site.



We will make sure that your site reaches on the first page of google search.


User Interface Design

User Interface is also playing with colors and fonts, we're good at it.


Software Development

We also build different types of desktop apps specialized for your needs.


WordPress Development

WordPress development is our main specialization.


Website Hosting

Contact us if you want to host your wesites in our cloud platform or register domain for you.


Android App

We've built many Android Apps and are ready to work for you.


Quick Support

We are always ready to help and support you if problem arises somewhere.


our price table

Basic Website Building

20,000 NRS 14,000
  • build one website
  • Free 4 years hosting
  • Free Business emails

Pricing will increase based on extra features. Extra charges for domain.

Hosting only Plan

6,200 NRS 5,500
  • Host one website
  • 99% Uptime

You’ll get hosting for 4 years in our platform.

E-commerce Site

35,000 NRS 30,000
  • Free technical support
  • Free 4 years hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Free business emails

Nominal service charges will apply later. Extra charges for domain.

Logo Making Plan

15,000 NRS 7,000
  • One Logo
  • High Definition

Pricing will increase based on extra features.

E-commerce Site Plus Android App

70,000 NRS 60,000
  • Free SSL, business emails
  • 4 years server plan
  • Free technical support

Extra charges apply for extra features for your app.

Laravel Site Development

43,000 NRS 35,000
  • Any type of site
  • Free 4 years hosting

Extra charges apply for extra features for your site.

Note: Above prices only apply for Companies or People of South Asian Countries. For companies outside South Asia, the prices are: NRS 25,000 for Basic Website building instead of NRS 14,000, NRS 10,000 for Hosting only plan instead 0f NRS 5,500 and NRS. 50,000 for E-commerce site instead of NRS 30,000. E-commerce site plus android app is NRS 90,000

Logo Making is a Modern Art.